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Paris/Rome to Tokyo returning to London

Paris/Rome to Tokyo, Japan returning to London, UK only £246 roundtrip


London to Seattle

London, UK to Seattle, USA only £344 return with Lufthansa


London to Bucharest

London, UK to Bucharest, Romania only £4 one way with Ryanair


London to Tehran

London, UK to Tehran, Iran only £170 return with Turkish Airlines


London to New York

London, UK to New York, USA only £260 return with Norwegian Air Shuttle


London to Singapore

London, UK to Singapore only £331 return with Air China

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Frequently asked questions

Are these deals real?
Yes absolutely! There are some really cheap flight deals out there. Sometimes airlines make mistakes, and sometimes they're just desperate to sell seats.
Is this legal? Why are flights so cheap?
Yes, don't worry, this is perfectly legal. Airlines sell very cheap flights for two main reasons. Sometimes they just offer massive discounts, but sometimes they make mistakes setting prices. These "error fares" can often be taken offline by airlines very quickly, but if you're quicker you can bag an absolute steal.
How does work?
It's simple. We hunt for discounted flights all day, and when we find particularly good ones, we email them straight to you. We do all the boring hard work so you can go on more holidays!
Are you selling flights?
No, you can't book flights with us. When we email you a deal, we'll send you information about a flight (route, prices, dates, etc.) and links to where you can book it. Once you've found a route and dates you like, you can often book on your favourite aggregator like Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Flights, etc.
Can I choose which countries I receive deals for?
Yes! After you sign up we'll send you a link where you can choose which regions to receive deals for. There's also a link at the bottom of each deal email as well so you can change your preferences at any time.
How many deals will you send me?
It depends. When you sign up, you can select regions you're interested in receiving deals for. Some regions have more deals than others. Popular regions like the USA might get 5 or so deals per day, less common ones only one or two per week.
Will you spam me with rubbish deals or ads?
Nope. We hate spam and ads with a passion. We don't get any commission on the deals we send. Our only incentive is to help you save money. If you're happy, we're happy.
Will you sell my email address?
No way. We're in this for the long haul so your trust is important to us. The only way anyone is getting your email address is if we're bought.
Will airlines honour these deals?
It's rare for airlines to cancel tickets, but sometimes it happens. Please make sure not to book any accommodation/activities/etc for your holiday until you receive a confirmation from the airline. As an extra safety net, we also recommend you buy tickets with a credit card.
Do you make a commission on sales?
No. The most important thing to us is... you! We want you to trust us and to make you happy. By not taking commissions our only incentive is to find you the best deals. It's better for you and, ultimately, better for us.
How do you make money?
In future we plan to set up a premium list. But don't worry, we'll still keep the free mailing list.
I have more questions...
Please contact us and we'll try to help.

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